This is what we do best.

We handle start to finish production coupled with a standby team that
provides the physical basis for works in the realms of the performing
arts, film, television, interactive arts.

We have a professional editing team that uses latest Technology to
produce High quality HD 4k videos

We have a think tank team dedicated to the creation of outside the box
innovative ideas that satisfy clients’ needs

We have a highly effective and professional team that does high quality TV adverts that bring out the best of the product being advertised.

We do brand activation for different products and services and we make sure the client gets the best results

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Maso Kulutimbe

We are full throttle media innovators; strategic, passionate, tech-savvy and imaginative experts who are headstrong to be on-time, client-focused and action-oriented people with proven results. We specialize in maximizing the message of our clients’ brands by leveraging the latest in camera and drone technologies, editing software, 3D and graphics capabilities, production standards, and state incentive programs.